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World at One interview: BP slick

To hear my interview on BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme today, about the implications of the Gulf of Mexico disaster for global oil production, follow the link below.

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Radio 4 interview: why is the oil price plunging?

The oil price has fallen by 25% in a week, to around $40 per barrel, more than $100 lower than its all time peak in July. To hear my interview on Radio 4’s flagship Today programme this morning about the reasons for the collapse, and the likely outlook, follow the links below.

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Newsnight interview

My interview on Newsnight on 30 May can now be viewed on You Tube, or below in this post – just click on ‘read more’.

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Why running out of oil could make climate change worse

By David Strahan. Published at the BBC’s Green Room, 30 March 2007.

It is becoming increasingly clear that global oil production will soon go into terminal decline with potentially devastating economic consequences. Although the idea of ‘peak oil’ has traditionally been ridiculed by the industry, now even some of the world’s most senior oilmen concede the case.

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