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DECC model highlights inconvenient energy truths

First published in Energy World, 1 June 2011.

For those of us with an anorak in the closet, the government’s new online energy planning tool, the 2050 Pathways Calculator, has provided hours of perplexing fun.

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Still no UK energy policy

First published in the The Independent on Sunday, 26 April 2009

“All targets and no trousers” seemed to be the gist of the reaction from environmentalists to the Budget this week.

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Lump sums

This article was first published in the The Guardian, 5 March 2008

For weeks South Africa has suffered rolling blackouts caused in part by a shortage of coal. Gripped by unusually bitter snowstorms, China recently banned coal exports for the next two months.

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Peak oil and the seismic silver lining

First published in International Hydrographic & Seismic Search Magazine, February 2008

The launch of International Hydrographic & Seismic Search Magazine raises an interesting question: have the publishers taken leave of their senses?

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Coal prices triple as supply crisis deepens

(Podcast – update) Coal prices are predicted to hit $300 per tonne this week, a threefold rise that eclipses even the most bullish forecasts made just a few days ago.

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Coal prices could double again

(Podcast) All of a sudden coal, so long the Cinderella of fossil fuels, is not just in demand but in desperately short supply.

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The great coal hole

First published in New Scientist, 17 January 2008

There used to be a joke about taking coal to Newcastle but these days the laughing stock is getting the stuff out.

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