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BBC World Tonight interview: Saudi Arabia

To hear my interview about Saudi Arabia on BBC World Tonight, click on the link below.

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World at One interview: BP slick

To hear my interview on BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme today, about the implications of the Gulf of Mexico disaster for global oil production, follow the link below.

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Peak at the polls

Peak oil has come a long way in the last few years: from bug-eyed millennial cult to mainstream consensus, embracing academia, much of the oil industry, and now the US military. There’s a growing consensus global oil production will peak this side of 2020, with many forecasts clustered around the middle the decade and some well within the next parliament. Strange then that even now the mainstream parties’ manifestos contain not a single word on the subject.

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Radio 4 interview: why is the oil price plunging?

The oil price has fallen by 25% in a week, to around $40 per barrel, more than $100 lower than its all time peak in July. To hear my interview on Radio 4’s flagship Today programme this morning about the reasons for the collapse, and the likely outlook, follow the links below.

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The limits to reserves growth

(Podcast) Reserves growth in existing oilfields is largely illusory and will not put off the date of peak oil, according to BP’s former Chief Petroleum Engineer.

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IEA to blame for $100 oil spike – Groppe

(Podcast) When the oil price soared to over $99 per barrel earlier this year, the cause was not surging demand, nor speculation, nor even impending peak oil, but a forecasting error by the International Energy Agency.

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IEA reviews reliance on USGS resource estimates

(Podcast) IEA chief economist Fatih Birol has told that the agency will review its use of resource estimates from the United States Geological Survey, in a move that seems certain to prompt a major downward revision of its long term oil production forecast.

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Oil has peaked, prices to soar – Sadad al-Huseini

(Podcast) Sadad al-Huseini says that global production has reached its maximum sustainable plateau and that output will start to fall within 15 years, by which time the world’s oil resources will be “very severely depleted”.

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1200 days to peak oil

(Podcast) There are only 1200 days to go until global oil production reaches its all-time peak, according to the editor of the Petroleum Review. Worse, says Chris Skrebowski, the chances are the crisis will break even sooner.

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Peak oil means peak economy – Hirsch

(Podcast) When global oil production peaks, the economy is likely to shrink in direct proportion to dwindling fuel supplies, says Dr Robert Hirsch of the thinktank SAIC.

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Private industry conference finds much less oil

(Podcast) A secretive gathering some of the world’s biggest oil companies has concluded the industry will discover far less oil than officially forecast, according to an executive who attended the event, meaning global oil production may peak much sooner than many expect.

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CO2 flooding could yield 2mb/d – eventually

(Podcast) For a senior oilman Gareth Roberts holds some fairly unusual views: peak oil is coming soon; crude oil is too precious to burn as transport fuel; and Big Oil should be investing massively in alternative energy.

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WEC predicts oil peak in 10-20 years

(Podcast) In a sign of just how rapidly peak oil is moving into the mainstream, a report from the World Energy Council has forecast that conventional oil production will peak in the next ten to twenty years. But in an interview with, WEC Secretary General Gerald Doucet insisted that the transition would be “managable” and that total world energy supply would nevertheless double by 2030.

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Irish energy minister says oil rationing “common sense”

(Podcast) Ireland’s Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources has claimed that some form of energy rationing system would be a “common sense approach” to the twin challenges of peak oil and transport carbon emissions.

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We are all peakists now – Schlesinger

(Podcast) Former US Energy Secretary Dr James Schlesinger today claimed that the intellectual arguments over peak oil had been won, and that in effect ‘we are all peakists now’.

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