Localise and go organic to avert post-peak famine – Heinberg
Posted on Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

(Podcast) Agriculture must localise and convert to organic production methods without delay if the world is to avoid famine, according to a leading thinker on peak oil.

Richard Heinberg, author of The Party’s Over and Peak Everything will tell a meeting of the Soil Association in London tonight that modern industrial agriculture is utterly dependent on fossil fuels for everything from nitrogen fertilizer to diesel, and that peak oil will mean a crisis in the global food supply.


In an interview with last, Heinberg argues that meat consumption will have to fall along with the human population, to ensure an adequate food supply. An orderly conversion to small-scale, localised farming and food distribution with minimal fossil inputs is urgently needed, he said. Asked whether such a system could produce enough food to avoid widespread hunger, Heinberg replied “we are headed for tough times, but I hope we can avoid famine. But the more we do and the sooner we start the better off we will all be”.

Listen to the interview with Richard Heinberg.

NB Some listeners have reported problems with podcasts using Quicktime, but they seem to play perfectly well on RealPlayer and Windows Media Player.

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