Reviews of The Last Oil Shock

"What they didn't want you to know: oil's dirty little secret..." Lloyd's List

"A well written exposition of the peak oil case" Ed Crooks, Energy Editor, Financial Times

"Mr Strahan's book is hands down the best book on the subject we have seen." 13D Research

"Strahan's an excellent guide, providing readable, well-explained arguments for putting this subject atop the agenda." Publishing News

"This is investigative reporting of a high order, and some of the facts Strahan has uncovered are extraordinary." Energy Policy

"Strahan's years as a film producer and director have served him well, and his book has pace and structure that ensure you won't get bored. The Last Oil Shock takes the reader from Washington to the Persian Gulf and back to the Canadian province of Alberta, and from California to the Gulf of Mexico as the author weaves together the story of the problem, how it came to be, why it is not susceptible to technological quick fixes, and why its impact on the world economy is going to be drastic and permanent. He manages this without losing his sense of humour, no small task considering the gravity of the subject."
Sanders Research Associates

"Strahan makes a strong case for an imminent world oil supply shortage. His important and easily-read book is the first I've seen which presents the vital technical data accurately and intelligibly."
Jeremy Gilbert, former Chief Petroleum Engineer, BP

"This is a well researched and documented book and David Strahan pulls no punches in his analysis of the world's impending energy problems. Not everyone will agree with every word but I commend it as a really good and informative read on a topic that affects us all."
Lord Oxburgh, former chairman of Shell

"This book should be compulsory reading for all those in Government in this and every other significant oil consuming country. Take note and avert the greatest crisis since the Second World War."
Richard Hardman CBE, former head of Exploration, Amerada Hess

"In this well researched and carefully documented book David Strahan gives a convincing and highly readable account of the way global oil gas production will soon cease to expand and will then move into inexorable decline..."
Petroleum Review

"This is a deeply disturbing book...Few [geologists] would be able to summarise as succinctly as David Strahan either the evidence for the inevitable decline in global oil production, starting within the next 15 years, or the likely results." Geological Society

"Strahan is a superb journalist." Dry Dipstick

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